Interventional Cardiac Procedures in adults with congenital heart disease and patent foramen ovale

Device Examples:


PFO Occluder – developed to be used in patients with PFO and paradoxical cerebral emboli.
Adult Congenital - adultprogram_pda
PDA Occluder – used to close a Patent Ductus Arteriosus.
Adult Congenital - adultprogram_vsd
Muscular VSD Occluder – designed to occlude muscular ventricular septal defects. The procedure can be performed in the catheterization laboratory or in the operating room with a catheter directly placed in the heart.


Adult Congenital - adultprogram_cardioseal
CardioSEAL – designed to close PFOs and ASDs.
Adult Congenital - adultprogram_starflex
STARFlex – differs from CardioSEAL in three ways, it automatically adjusts to different shapes and locations of defects, it allows the implant to lay very flat against the septum, and it allows the use of a smaller device.


Adult Congenital - adultprogram_septal
Septal Occluder – used for closure of secundum atrial septal defects and Fontan fenestrations.
  • Device Closure of PFO after stroke
  • Device Closure of ASD
  • Device Closure of PDA
  • Device Closure of VSD
  • Device Closure of Fontan Fenestrations
  • Balloon Dilation Pulmonary Valve
  • Balloon Dilation Aortic Valves
  • Balloon Dilation Mitral Valves
  • Pulmonary Artery Stents
  • Coarctation Stents
  • Coil Occlusion of Accessory Vessels
  • Use of Covered Stents

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