These Behavioral Health services are provided at no charge to our patients.

Non-Cardiac Counseling

Non-cardiac is when a child experiences chest pain that is not correlated with any cardiac condition. Areas addressed may include stress and triggers, personal pressures, expectations of self, and family dynamics.

Heart & Soul Discussion Group

This cost-free support group provides emotional support and assistance to families with an infant or child diagnosed with a cardiac condition. These meetings are a great opportunity to share and learn with other families.

NOTE: We ask that you leave your little ones at home. Many times sensitive topics are discussed and may not be appropriate for young ones to hear. We apologize that at this time we cannot provide childcare.

Las Vegas – This group meets the 2nd Friday of every month from 5:30 to 6:30pm. Meeting dates are subject to change.

RSVP: Please contact Dr. Beth Creel at or call 702-732-1290 to RSVP.

Grief Recovery

We can help with the recovery process from the death of a loved one. We cover all areas of grief recovery, including, but not limited to, cultural and religious beliefs, family support, emotional needs, and the skills needed to effectively cope.

Prenatal Support

We provide assistance with emotionally preparing parents and families in dealing with prenatal cardiac concerns. Prior to the hospital tour, families are introduced to our psychological program. We inform families of what we offer and explain the benefits of emotional support prior to the delivery.

Social Work

The goal of the Children’s Heart Center social worker is to provide psychosocial support to cardiac families. Situations such as long hospitalizations or ongoing doctor appointments can result in stress to many families. These families may be in need of finding the appropriate resources so they can become more self-sufficient and better capable to handle their situation. We offer assistance to families during a medical or social crisis.

Offering assistance with:

Financial and medical emergency assistance

Advocacy services and finding appropriate solutions

Education for families regarding programs available for the child’s needs

Collaboration with outside agencies/hospital social workers for continuation of services and planning for your child’s needs

Healthy Hearts Program

We provide motivation and emotional support for children at risk for developing cardiac conditions later in life.

Offering assistance with:

Identifying disordered eating

Emotional eating

Family dynamics

Emotional obstacles and resistances

Self-esteem and confidence

Weight challenges

Cultural diversity

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Children’s Heart Foundation

CHF_Logo_HorizontalChildren’s Heart Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of children with heart conditions. They empower heart families through emotional, educational and financial support to inspire a higher quality of life for all. CHF serves hundreds of children, and their families, throughout the state of Nevada.

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Questions: Please CONTACT US with any questions or concerns.