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Simple Echocardiographic Evaluation of Right Ventricular Size in Children.
William N. Evans MD, FACC, *† Ruben J. Acherman, MD, FACC, *†
Gary A. Mayman, MD, FACC *†, Dean P. Berthoty, MD, Robert C. Rollins, MD,
FACC, *† Katrinka Kip, MD, FACC, *† and Humberto Restrepo, MD, MPH *†
Congenital Heart Disease. 2009; 4:91-95

*Pediatric Cardiology, Children's Heart Center; Department of Pediatrics, Division of Cardiology, University of Nevada; Las Vegas NV, USA
Red Rock Radiology, Las Vegas, NV, USA


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Line on the graph reflects the normal values.