If a normal murmur is found, no treatment is needed.  Should a problem be detected, our physician will discuss the recommendations in detail.  For minor problems, no therapy is usually needed.

Even for minor problems, we often recommend something called SBE prophylaxis.  The treatment consists of giving antibiotics just prior to the procedures, such as dental work.  The reason being, bacteria can enter the blood stream during dental work and could infect the heart, should a heart problem exist.  Antibiotics reduce the chance bacteria will infect the heart.

Usually the dentist will prescribe the antibiotics.  The medication is not needed for a normal murmur.  If any questions come up about when to use antibiotics prior to other procedures, check with your child’s pediatrician or family doctor.  Occasionally, heart medications and/or surgery will be needed.  Your pediatric cardiologist will discuss these options with you if they are necessary.