Cholesterol Check

A cholesterol check is performed on patients that are at high risk for developing high cholesterol, as well as on patients that may have high lipid (fat) levels in their blood. The cholesterol check is usually scheduled ahead of time since the patient is required to fast, or have no food or liquid, for at least 12 hours prior to the test. For this reason it is usually advised that the test be scheduled for first thing in the morning. There is no preparation other than fasting needed for this test.

Upon arrival to the office, your child will be brought into the lab room at Children’s Heart Center and shown the equipment that will be used to obtain the blood sample. The technician will have the patient wash their hands under warm water to clean the hands, and to help relax them. A blood sample is then obtained by performing a finger-stick. The entire procedure usually takes less than one minute, and involves a very small amount of blood. Once the collection is made, the blood is placed in a machine that will process the sample, and results are usually available within 5-10 minutes. Your physician will be informed of the result immediately, and you will be informed by the physician or Medical Assistant what the result is, and what your child’s follow up plan will consist of.