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SBE Precautions

Children with a diagnosed heart problem have a greater risk in developing bacterial endocarditis. Bacterial endocarditis is an infection that is caused when bacteria enters the bloodstream and reaches the heart. Due to this your pediatric cardiologist may recommend standard bacterial endocarditis (SBE) precautions. This involves SBE antibiotic prophylaxis when your child undergoes procedures such as:

  • any dental procedures that may cause the mouth or gums to bleed
  • certain surgeries
  • removal of tonsils
  • removal and adenoids
  • any other procedure that is of concern to your physician

Most patients who have heart defects need SBE precautions. If you are unsure, please notify our office immediately at 702-732-1290 and the physician can tell you. Always make sure to inform any other physician or dentist that your child has been diagnosed with a heart problem.