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Historical Vignette: Clifton Briggs Leech: First Director of the Pediatric Cardiac Clinic at The Johns Hopkins Harriet Lane Home for Invalid Children



William N Evans, MD



ChildrenŐs Heart Center Nevada, 3006 S Maryland Pkwy, Ste 690, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA.




The history of Helen Taussig is well known. Contrary to popular belief, however, she was not the first director of the pediatric cardiology clinic at the Harriet Lane Home for Invalid Children. She was second director, succeeding Clifton B. Leech. Edwards A. Park, Chief of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins, appointed Leech the first director of the pediatric cardiac clinic in the fall of 1928. In this vignette, I summarize the contributions of Clifton Leech to the development of pediatric cardiology.


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