PediatrCardiol (2011) 32:87–90

DOI 10.1007/s00246-010-9810-x

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Received: 12 July 2010 / Accepted: 19 September 2010

Published online: 12 October 2010


Temporary Transumbilical Stenting of the Ductus Venosus in Neonates with Obstructed Infradiaphragmatic Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return



Abraham Rothman, MD, Alvaro Galindo, William N Evans, MD



ChildrenŐs Heart Center Nevada, 3006 S Maryland Pkwy, Ste 690, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA. Email: 



Newborns with obstructed infradiaphragmatictotal anomalous pulmonary venous return (TAPVR) areoften clinically unstable. Temporary relief of the pulmonaryvenous obstruction may improve their clinical status beforesurgical repair. Three neonates (two premature and one full-term) with obstructed infradiaphragmatic TAPVR at the ductus venosus (DV) underwent stenting of the DV by way of an umbilical venous approach. Their clinical condition stabilized,thus allowing subsequent elective surgical repair.


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